Estoniaball says “tere” which means hello in Estonian!

Estoniaball brags with the fact that it stays in a 3000-year-old crater of an iron meteorite and this made it the least religious countries in the world. The language also contains about a thousand words that date back to the last ice age.

Estoniaball love their forests and the creatures that live in the country: lynxes, brown bears, wolves, foxes, rabbits and deer and who can forget the moose. Estoniaball has a tree hugging day every year
Cool fact about Estoniaball is that it has free public transportation in the capital, Tallin. The council of the city thought of this being a natural fact.

Also since 2005 it has implemeted the online vote! Cool, Estoniaball! Cool!

I think that Estoniaball being declared one of the most free countries can teach us all a few things! I would sure like to discover more! How about you?

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