Ja, ich bin Germanyball, do you want us to meet? Hear some facts about me!

I bet you all know the story, the power of Germany, and the past. I kept just the stubbornness from my past, and I am calculated, fix and “NoFun!” :))

Anyway, whatever you might think I am cool! OK? Did you know that I adopted first Daylight Saving Time, and you of course, followed me… And Fanta was invented here… Also, I bet you heard about the delicious Wurst, I eat over 800 million each year! Yummy.

I also move smoothly, and I am the world largest car producer with the brands Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes and BMW 😉 Welcome, by the way!

And of course, even though you think I'm no fun, I have fun! Oktoberfest, heard of it? Perfect! Than come drink a good beer, have a Wurst and enjoy my “strict” hospitality! 🙂

Additional information

Weight 70 g
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 cm

2 thoughts on “Germanyball

  1. I would love to have such a ball is great, but it is impossible to send a coronavirus when you have the option to buy it and you immediately buy GermanBall

  2. Dear Marcin, we believe our shop will open around 15th of June. Please stay tuned and you will be able to order your Countryball!

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