I am known as a melancholic ball cause I listen too much to Fado music and also too old school because I come from the oldest country in Europe.
The worst is when people say I'm creepy just because Portugal once had a dead queen. It's not my fault we once had a king who declared his dead wife a queen!

I'm not angry when they say I exaggerate with eating fish, cause I really LIKE IT! Yes, Portugalball is the third fish consumer in the world! Don't be a fish or I'll eat you! 😉

I can even live with the idea that many people think all women in Portugal have mustache or beard (it's not true by the way… ok, maybe some of them are a bit more hairy but believe me they are beautiful, oh God yeah, they are beautiful!)
But never say Portugalball speaks Spanish because Portugal is a region from Spain, or I'll start to enumerate you all the 9 countries where Portuguese language is spoken.

And don't dare to say that I'll never touch my dear Cristiano Ronaldo's foot or I'll start, I'll start…well, I’ll start being sad.

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